Ancora de Baza Speciala, Cablu de Otel V2A
Ancora Fixare 1

Made of stainless steel..

Ancora Fixare 2

Galvanized to hammer in, easy to use...

Ancora Fixare 3

U-shaped, galvanized...

Ancora Fixare Tub Impamantat

Made of aluminum for indoor and all-weather courts...

Bete Simplu (Aluminiu)
Starting From €35,00

Single Net RodsTo use for single tournament games. Made of aluminum.Different colors...

Brachet Sustinere Fileu

For winding and storage of tennis nets. Ready for use at any time...

Capac Pentru Mecanism Stalp Fileu 83mm

Cap for mechanism post 83 mm Ø..

Capac Stalp Fileu 80x80mm

Cap for mechanism post 83 mm Ø..

Capac stalp Fileu 83mm

Cap for blind post 83 mm Ø ..

Cheie Strangere Mecanism Fileu

Key for tensioning mechanism..

Cordon reparatie 3mm negru

Net repair cord 3 mm, 20 m long, 3 mm black ..

Cordon Reparatie 3mm verde

Net repair cord 3 mm, 20 m long, 3 mm green..

Greutate Centru Fileu

Made of steel pipe with suspension eye for strap...

Manson Sol 80x80mm

Ground sleeve 80 x 80 mm..

Manson Sol 83mm

Ground sleeve 83 mm Ø..

Mecanism Stragere

Tensioning mechanism..

Protectie Manson Sol 80x80mm

Cover for ground sleeve 80 x 80 mm..

Protectie Manson Sol 83mm

Cover for ground sleeve 83 mm Ø..

Rezerva Banda Fileu

Fast to replace, complete with looping string...

Rezerva Cablu Fileu

Replacement Wire with loops..

Set Suruburi

eight eye bolts, eight groove sliding blocks and two net hooks..

Tija Masurare

Aluminum tube with marking at net height 91.5 cm..

Tija Mentinere Fileu

Net holding rod..

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