Fileu Court Royal TN 15

Tennis Net Court Royal TN15Made of 3.2mm braided polyethylene, hand-knotted, black, stable polyest..

Fileu Court Royal TN 20

Tennis Net Court Royal TN 20Made of 3.4mm braided polyethylene, hand-knot..

Fileu Court Royal TN 90

Tennis Net Court Royal TN 90Made of 3.8mm braided polyethylene, hand-knotted, black, double top six,..

Fileu Deluxe Court Royal TN 200

Deluxe Tennis Net Court Royal TN 200Made of 5mm polyethylene with PVC covering;Very strong headband ..

Fileu Universal Court Royal Tournament TN 55 (negru, simplu)

Universal Tennis Net Court Royal Tournament - Black, SinglesMade of 3.5mm braided polyethylene;Hand-..

Sistem Fileu Portabil Court Royal

Tennis Net System Court RoyalUsed in ATP- and WTA tournaments, Davis Cup and Fed Cup;Sol..

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