Granu -Top

Granu-Top This is the perfect broom for cleaning granular surfaces. The bent ends of th..

Peri PVC (galben)

PVC bristles yellow for Turbo-Broom USP 20..

Perie Egalizatoare Mixta

Combination Leveler The front PVC-mat smoothes unevenness and slide traces. The back dra..

Perie Fire Otel

To remove leaves and rubbish, sturdy steel construction with wooden handle...

Perie Fire Otel Universal

As above, but with steel wire bristles. Indispensable for spring maintenance...

Perie Granule

With four replaceable Arenga broom parts in aluminum frame. Bristles specially arranged to sl..

Perie Mixta (200cm)

Combination broom and net200cm wideThe top court equipment for clay and granular courts.Consists o..

Perie Nisip Silica

With special soft yellow PVC bristles, developed by Universal Sport. Ideal for artificial lawns fill..

Perie Nivelare All-Weather

All-Weather Smoothing Broom The newly developed 200 cm wide smoothing broom with 4 replac..

Perie Tennis Court Piassava 1

Tennis court broom I Piassava 270 cmTennis Court Broom has particularly g..

Perie Tennis Court Plastic 1

With long, narrow bristles. Easy handling due to the adjustable pulling handle. Aluminum frame,..

Perie Tennis Court Special

Four replaceable plastic broom parts in aluminum frame, two additional ..

Perie Teren Tenis (200cm)

Tenis Court Broom200cm wideWith long, narrow bristles.Wide aluminium bracket and frame...

Perie Universal Tennis Court Arenga

Universal Tennis Court Smoothing Broom-arenga200 cm wide, with 4 replaceable broom partsThe aluminum..

Perie Universal Tennis Court Plastic

With four replaceable broom parts in aluminum frame, complete with aluminum pulling handle. 200..

Perie-Pres Platzfit (150cm)

Broom-Mat PlatzfitWidth: 150cmCombination broom and mat. Consists of a broom with plastic bristles a..

Perie-Pres Platzfit (200cm)

Broom-Mat PlatzfitWidth: 200cm Combination broom and mat. Consists of a ..

Perii Otel

Steel Bristles..

Perii PVC (negru)

PVC-Bristles black for Turbo-Broom USP 20..

Pres Egalizator Coconut (Sina de Lemn)

Abziehteppich coconut, wood rail, 200 x 100 cmHeavy wooden rail200 x 100 cm coir carpetPVC edgingCom..

Pres Nivelator Special Pentru Silica

3 cm long coconut fibers, cast in PVC material. Complete with drag cord. Size 120 x 90 cm..

Rezerva Perie 50cm

Replacement brush 50 cm..

Rezerva Perie Arenga 50cm

Replacement Brushes Arenga 50 cm wide ..

Rezerva Perie Granu-Top

Replacement brush for Granu-Top..

Rezerva Perie Plastic 50cm

Replacement Brushes Plastic 50 cm wide ..

Rezerva Perie Special 50cm

Replacement Brush Special 50 cm ..

Rezerva Pres Coconut

Replacement Coconut Smoothing Mat Heavy-duty coconut mat with PVC edges 200 x 100 cm ..

Turbo-Broom USP 801

Turbo-Broom USP 800 This new turbo-broom is developed to remove soiled clay in spring m..

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