Banda Magnetica - Antrenament

Magnetic Tape - TrainingProduct information:30mm wide12cm longwith imprint..

Banda Magnetica - Barbati
BarbatiBarbati 35+Barbati 45+Barbati 60+
Banda Magnetica - Doamne
Doamne 30+Doamne 40+Doamne 50+Doamne 55+

Magnetic Tape Ladies 30+ Product: 30mm wide 12cm long with imprint..

Banda Magnetica - Intretinere Teren

Magnetic Tape - Court Cleaning Product information: 30mm wide 12cm long wit..

Banda Magnetica - Juniori

Magnetic Tape Juniors Product information: 30mm wide 12cm long with imprint..

Banda Magnetica - Loc Antrenori

Magnetic Tape - Trainer CourtProduct information:60mm widewith print...

Banda Magnetica - Spatiu Blocat

Magnetic Tape - Space Locked Product information: 60mm wide with imprint..

Banda Magnetica - Tineri

Magnetic Tape YouthProduct information: 30mm wide 12cm long with imprint..

Banda Magnetica - Toate Scaunele Blocate

Magnetic tape closed all courtsProduct information:60 mm widewith print...

Ceas Teren Tenis

Tennis-Booking ClockProduct information:Here, each player manually, as long as he has the courtSize ..

Cronometru Meci

Match Timer Nr. 0 Product information: Tennis court booking clock with integrated seat num..

Lista Clasament I

Ranking List ISturdy metal panel, galvanized and clamped in an aluminumframe, printed for women, men..

Lista Clasament II - cu Blocare

Ranking List II - LockableSturdy metal panel, galvanized and clamped in an aluminumframe with Plexig..

Panou de Stocare (50x68x4cm)

Storage boardProduct information:Dimensions: 50 x 68 x 4 cm..

Plan Curatarea Curtii (330x500mm)

Court Cleaning 330x500mm Product information: Size 330x500mm Poly-plate white wi..

Plan Disponibilitate Saptamanal - 2 Locuri

Weekly Booking Plan 2 PlacesProduct information: As days availability calendar, though for clea..

Plan Disponibilitate Saptamanal - 4 Locuri

Week Availability Calendar 4 PlacesProduct information: How week availability calendar, though ..

Plan Disponibilitate Saptamanal - 8 Locuri

Week Availability Calendar 8 PlacesProduct information:As days availability calendar, though for cle..

Plan Zilnic de Ocupare - 10 Locuri (120x75cm)

Day Availability Calendar - 10 PlacesProduct Information:for up to&nbs..

Plan Zilnic de Ocupare - 6 Locuri (120x50cm)

Day Availability Calendar - 6 Places Product Information: for up to 6 courts&nbs..

Plan Zilnic de Ocupare - 8 Locuri (120x68cm)

Day Availability Calendar - 8 Places Product information: for up to 8 seats..

Semn Caini in Lesa

Dogs on LeashProduct information:Size 300x200 mmPoly-plate whitewith imprint..

Semn Interzis Caini

No Dogs Allowed Product Infornmation:Size 300x300 mmPoly-plate whitewith imprint..

Semn Interzis cu Pantofi de Zgura

Sand Shoe - No Entry SignProduct information:Size 300x300mmPoly-plate whitewith imprint..

Semn Loc Rezervat

Information Sign locked all placesProduct information:Size 300x200 mmPoly-plate whitewith imprint..

Semn Mancare si Bautura

Food and Drinks Ban Product information: Size 300x200mm Poly-plate white with im..

Semn Membrii si Invitati

Members and Guests Product information: Size 300x200mm Poly-plate white with imp..

Semn Numerotare Teren Tenis Nr.1-9

Tennis Court Number 1-9Product information: White rigid PVC material Size 300x200mm w..

Semn Numerotare Teren Tenis Nr.10-19

Tennis Court Number 10-19Product information: White rigid PVC material Size 300x200mm ..

Semn Ordine Loc cu Imagine

Sign for court order with Courtcleaning InstructionsProduct information: with Courtcleaning-Ins..

Semn Pantofi Tenis Pentru Interior

Indoor tennis shoe sign Production information: Size 300x200mm Poly-plate white&..

Tabel Zilnic de Informare (4 Terenuri)

Daily Information Plan - 4 CourtsBring order and clarity into the game by hanging magnetic nameplate..

Tabela Clasament Tip Piramida I

Pyramid Ranking List I Product information: Sturdy metal panel Size 68x50x2.5cm ..

Tabela Clasament Tip Piramidal II - Blocabila

Pyramid Ranking II LockableProduct information:How pyramid ranking ISize 68x50x5cmbut in aluminum bo..

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