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Ferox 3


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Who is looking for exclusiveness will find the new FEROX racket models which are unique permium rackets worldwide. Lighter, longer, bigger.  To reach this perfection we unite in our flagship the ultimate technologies, processing qualities, design and performance. HZ FIBRE makes the rackets be so light and secures the necessary stiffness. Through the precise placing of HZ FIBRE, the enormous weight reduction becomes possible. The "PG Damping System" reduces disturbing oscillation and secures high comfort and effective care for your arm. The result is the manufactory of light and mistake forgiving rackets with full marks in power control and comfort. Just as fine as the inner workings of these exclusive rackts, is the outer appearence. The FEROX Series racket models are created for the strategic intelligent player with a controlled stroke speed who value strategy and tactics.

You cannot get more POWER! "The Ferox 3" racket has been developed for players with a low and controlled stroke speed. The Ferox 3 is a racket who is looking for competitors on the market with its frame hardness. In combination with its big racket head and a length of 71cm, this racket is a guarantor for highest power possbile. Strategic acting players who are looking for maximum power will be on fire the Ferox 3. 


  • Control: 5
  • Speed: 10
  • Handling: 5
  • Comfort: 10
  • Spin: 10