Cyber Flash - Limited (220m)
  • Cyber Flash - Limited (220m)
  • Cyber Flash - Limited (220m)

Cyber Flash - Limited (220m)


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Product features & key data:

High acceleration due to optimum energy transfer
Pleasant playing feel
Good feedback
Optimal control
modern and optimised PETP with optimized structure
Colour: Black-Silver
Further information:
Not only the choice of the right tennis racket, but also the right stringing with the right tennis string is necessary to achieve optimal performance on the tennis court. Each string has its own unique characteristics that can enhance or counteract your playing style. A detailed analysis of the tennis string is therefore of immense importance in order to be able to exploit your full potential on the court.

The Topspin Cyber Flash is a tennis string made of the most modern, optimized PETP. Tennis players get a precise feedback from the SoP system for the individual strokes, which makes the string pleasant to play. With fast strokes, the optimal energy transfer of the tennis string pays off, which not only gives you optimal control but also very good ball acceleration.